Petrified wood slice

Petrified Wood Slice

Petrified wood is common worldwide and the varied colours signify the kind of mineral replacement and depositional setting wherever the logs became ossified. These rocks square measure terribly significant, deliberation 160-200 pounds per displacement unit. Use a diamond cutting blade on your wet saw, and for items of petrified wood, with diameters larger than twelve inches, you will ought to use a custom-built saw that may accommodate the larger size.You can ne’er be quite positive what you’re obtaining till you slice open a petrified wood log to reveal the involved styles and colours within.

Step 1

Use a wet saw which will accommodate the scale and thickness of your petrified wood log. Some fossil outlets, like Marks Petrified Wood, use custom-built motorized saws, whereas others use large-scale rock cutters fitted with diamond blade saws.
Step 2

Position your wet saw to accommodate the significant load of petrified wood. Use it on the bottom level or bring the rock specimen onto the cutting plate. Clamp the specimen in situ per the planning of your saw, and level it to make sure a fair cutting surface.
Step 3

Mark off the external surface employing a dark long felt pen, to point out the thickness of every slice. build uniform slices or value more highly to cut many completely different widths.
Step 4

Use a significant, sharp saw blade, like a diamond saw blade. make sure it’s sharp, and replace or sharpen it because the cutting method starts.
Step 5

Turn on the wet saw and check that the pump is operational. If water isn’t wired through whereas cutting, the instrumentality may close up and be broken.
Step 6

Place the cutting blade onto the rock and begin cutting. Use a fair quantity of force as you guide the blade to chop the petrified wood. apprehend the time limitations for in operation your rock saw, and permit it to rest to avoid heating, if applicable. Reposition the log to form ensuant slices and repeat the cutting steps.

petrified wood slice
Petrified wood slice
petrified wood slice