Petrified Wood Tables

Petrified Wood Tables

Petrified Wood Tables we use natural solid cuts from big logs and polishing some side to show character and colour of petrified wood. 

We can cut horizontally and vertically. To make rectangular slice in horizontally, Colour will show up after some some treat finalized. 

Our unique side tables of petrified wood are available in two appearances with a different structure and shape

  • Top polished  have a naturally look
  • Full polished  have a modern look

 Petrified wood  tables look amazing, natural and they will give every room an exclusive.

Also we offer a variety of table leg models combine with stainless steel, electroplatting bronze, electroplatting copper, wood and may steel finish.


Petrified Wood Table

Product id     : #0024

Description   : Petrified wood Coffee Table

Dimension     : 80 * 80 * 45

Top                  : Petrified wood Slab Square

Bases              : SS hollow

Petrified wood Table

Product id     : #0022

Description   : Side Table Endcut Square

Dimension     : 50 * 50 * 55

Top                  : Petrified wood endcut square

Bases              : SS hollow

Petrified wood Tables

Product id     : #0023

Description   : Side Table with legs

Dimension     : 50 * 50 * 50

Top                  : Petrified wood Slab Round

Bases              : SS hollow