Coffee Table Onyx Stone

Coffee Table Cheese Stone and Onyx

 Our mainly products is Petrified Wood, but we have other stone product. We have cheese stone ( Marble family but there is hole like a cheese) and Onyx stone. We source from one of Indonesian’s mountain. We also manufacturing furniture from this stone.

A unique Coffee table made of onyx, a semiprecious stone with line layers of color. Crafted from 4 pieces of solid onyx, the table features a distinctive contrast in texture: The top and two sides are polished smooth.

Each table will be unique: pattern, color and size may vary, because onyx is a natural Stone. We have 5 kinds of onyx stone like Onyx Line, Onyx Tiger, Onyx Milk, onyx Elephant (Green Onyx) and onyx Crystal

Our Unique coffee and side tables with a wide selection of modern and classic styles, our extensive range of tables offer the perfect blend of function and form.
we provide furniture from onyx stone like Dining Table, side table, cocktail, coffee table, and console tables, with custom designs legs, table top and type of onyx stone.
and also some products from onyx stone for home decoration (lamps, wall panels and floor tile).
there are two types of solid onyx and Laminate (Tile)

For the custom designs, size, price and type of available onyx stone, please feel free to contact us with my pleasure will serve you.

 Onyx Stone Coffee Table

• Name Product: Coffee Table Onyx Line
• Material Table Top: Polished slab Onyx
• Natural product: each table will vary in color, pattern & size
• Onyx Bases: Stainless Steel Hollow 2.5×2.5
(custom legs Iron Powder coating, Wood and electroplating)
• Weight: approx. 100 lbs.
• 31 in. width x 31 in. depth x 18 in. height