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Every petrified wood Stools is different, each Stool top has her own look and character, which makes every Stools exclusive and unique. Our petrified wood are available in 2 appearances with a different structure and form.

Top polished petrified wood stools have a natural look, due to the rough outside. The polished top shows stunning colors and tree rings. Full polished petrified wood stool have a contemporary look

Onyx & Marble Products

Our mainly product is petrified wood, but we have other stone product. We have Cheese Stone ( marbles family but there is hole like cheese ) and onyx stone. We Source from one Indonesian’s mountain. We also manufacturing from this stone. We made stools, side table, console table and mirror.


Agate is the banded from of the mineral chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline variety of quartz. Agate is the most varied and populer type of chalcedony, having many varieties on its own.

Although the pattern on every agate is unique, the locality of an Agate will provide resemblances in banding style and color, thus lending many agate with a geographic prefix. Other variety names used connote specific colors or pattern in indonesia, such as Fire Agate or Eye Agate


Petrified Wood Indonesia

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Putra Jambu Petrified Wood Indonesia Art & Craft has been established as a furnistone company in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We Manufacturing and sell many product with various design for home decoration, furniture, interior, exterior.

We always develop to be a leader in the furniture industry by providing unique concept, antique style and contemporary design. We serve to provide quality that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

How Does Petrified Wood Form?

Petrified wood throughout have shaped over millions of years and can be found. Petrified wood is the name given to a special kind of fossilised remains of terrestrial vegetation. it’s the results of a tree or tree-like plants having completely transitioned to stone by the method of permineralization.

All the organic materials are replaced with minerals (mostly a silicate, like quartz), while retentive the original structure of the stem tissue. not like different varieties of fossils that ar generally impressions or compressions, petrified wood is a three-dimensional representation of the initial organic material.

The petrifaction process happens underground, when wood becomes buried beneath sediment or volcanic ash and is at first preserved as a result of an absence of element that inhibits aerobic decomposition. Mineral-laden water flowing through the covering material deposits minerals within the plant’s cells, because the plant’s lignin and carbohydrate decay, a stone mold forms in its place.

The organic matter needs to become petrified before it decomposes fully. A forest where such material has petrified becomes well-known as a petrified forest.

Petrified wood is a fossil during which the organic remains are replaced by minerals within the slow process of being replaced with stone. This fossilization method typically results in a quartz calcedony mineralization. Special rare conditions should be met in order for the fallen stem to be transformed into wood fossil or petrified wood.

In general, the fallen plants get buried in an surroundings free of element (anaerobic environment), which preserves the original natural object and general look. the other conditions embody a daily access to mineral made water in-tuned with the tissues, exchange the organic plant structure with inorganic minerals. the end result’s petrified wood fossil, a plant, with its original basic structure in place, replaced by stone. Exotic minerals allow the red and inexperienced hues that will be seen in rarer specimens.

Where Can I Find Petrified Wood?

Petrified wood can be found in locations across the Indonesia, In the indonesia, the most famous location for petrified wood is in several area Sumatra, Baten and Kalimantan.

How Is the Value of Petrified Wood Determined?

So how do you understand what a particular specimen of petrified wood is worth? how much is petrified wood worth?
Several factors determine price:

• Size: this can be maybe the foremost necessary consider crucial the price of petrified wood. within the majority of cases, the larger the piece of petrified wood, the a lot of valuable it’ll be. Some samples of petrified wood square measure the scale of tiny pebbles and square measure value solely many pennies, whereas different samples will be entire logs or maybe full trees, that square measure value far more — into the a whole bunch or maybe thousands of greenbacks in some cases.

• Quality: Each Piece Petrified wood is understood for being a very brittle fossil. It’s natural for it to decrease in quality over time because it is exposed to O and begins to decay. If there square measure cracks, holes, or the other sort of injury, the petrified wood won’t be terribly valuable.

• Characteristics: betting on what reasonably mineral is contained within the wood, petrified wood comes in a very wide selection of colours, as well as reminder inexperienced, blue, orange, red, pink, and brown. Petrified wood that contains bright or uncommon colours is a lot of valuable than basic brown petrified wood. bound forms of petrified wood, like opalized wood, may sell for much higher prices (although these types are very rare compared to standard petrified wood). If the petrified wood contains notable characteristics such as growth rings (the rings that accumulate as trees age) or a clearly discernible bark pattern, it is typically more valuable.

• Polish: If the petrified wood has been polished, it is more valuable. The best way to improve the value of a sample of petrified wood is to polish it by using a rock tumbler, a rotary polisher, or another polishing method.

• Geography: If the petrified wood was found in a location where it is typically rare, it may be worth more. In addition, if the petrified wood was discovered in a location that has a sentimental value to the buyer, it may sell for a higher price.